How to Create an After-Scenario Questionnaire (ASQ)


ASQ is a 3-question scale used to assess how difficult a task was to a user in a usability test. You can use it for testing prototypes or live websites and products. You can present it instantly after a user performs a task (even if they didn’t complete it). However, it doesn’t measure the general usability of the interface.


You can use the After-Scenario Questionnaire (ASQ) to


  • Evaluate the ease of a task, time invested in completion, and the level of support received throughout the process.

  • Calculate the survey score using the simple average method.


Hers is what an After-Scenario Questionnaire looks like:


After-Scenario Questionnaire Preview


In this article, you will learn:


1. How to Create an ASQ

2. How to Interpret Your Results


How to Create an ASQ 


Step 1: In your Qualaroo dashboard, click CREATE NEW. Hover the cursor over the nudge type and click Choose Template.


Choose the Nudge Type


Step 2: Hover cursor over the ASQ-After-Scenario Questionnaire template and click Use this Template.


Choose After-Scenario Questionnaire Template


Step 4: Add your target URL and click CREATE.


Step 5: Customize your survey with EDIT, TARGETING, and DESIGN options and click SAVE. (You can also click SAVE AND ACTIVATE if you want to activate your survey right after saving it.)


 How to Interpret Your Results

Once you’ve collected the response, take the average of your three responses. A lower score would show that participants found the task difficult or time-consuming or that they generally felt unsupported throughout the process (or all three).


NOTE: When participants skip questions, you can simply average the remaining scores.


That is all about the After-Scenario Questionnaire.



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