How to Create a UES Survey


In Qualaroo, you can create a user experience score (UES) survey to gauge the overall experience with the UX of your website by asking the relevant questions.


User Effort Score is a variation of the Customer Effort Score we developed in-house. We call it a user experience survey to help you understand and rectify the pain points.


The customer effort score (CES) lets you:


  • Discover the pain points of customers who have interacted with your customer support for any issue

  • Place the CES questionnaire strategically to evaluate the overall customer service touchpoints


The user effort score (UES) lets you


  • Identify the ease or difficulty for the users to complete specific tasks or take actions on your product/service

  • Place the UES questionnaire to gather data from both those who have finished doing the task and those who did not


Here is how the UES survey looks on your website:


UES survey Preview


How to Create a UES Survey


Step 1: In your Qualaroo dashboard, click CREATE NEW. Hover the cursor over the nudge type and click CHOOSE TEMPLATE.


Choose Nudge Type


Step 3: Hover the cursor over User Effort Score (UES) template and click Use this Template.


Choose UES Template


Step 4: Enter the target URL and click CREATE.


Step 5: Customize your survey with EDIT, TARGETING, and DESIGN options and click SAVE.


Step 6: Activate the survey from the toggle button.


Recommended Targeting Options


In setting up the targeting with Qualaroo, you can use the pre-selected options with the template. However, when it comes to targeting for CES, consider reviewing your entire customer journey map to decide which customer interactions are support-driven or make the most sense for you to conclude with a CES questionnaire.


It means you will create several Nudges to show where customer interactions occur in multiple locations. Luckily, templates will help streamline this process, and doing so will also give you a clearer picture of which distinct touchpoints lead to which exact CES results.

If you are interested in learning more about all the options available within Qualaroo’s Targeting Section, please visit this section of our Help Center.



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