How to Create a UMUX (Usability Metric for User Experience) Survey


UMUX allows you to measure the general usability of a system, website, or app. It consists of 4 statements for users to rate on a Likert scale. 


However, it doesn’t measure specific characteristics like usefulness or accessibility nor identify navigation issues, bottlenecks, or problems with particular elements of an interface.


UMUX  surveys are helpful in


  • Collect real-time customer feedback on the user experience of your website, app, or product.

  • Gain first-hand impressions of users on new features.


Here is how the UMUX survey looks on your website:


UMUX survey


In this article, you will learn:


1. Creating a UMUX Survey

2. Calculating the UMUX Score


 How to Create a UMUX Survey


Step 1: In your Qualaroo dashboard, click "+Create New."


create new button


Step 2:  Hover the cursor over the nudge type and click "Choose Template."


Choose Nudge Type


Step 3: Hover the cursor over the UMUX template and click "Use this Template."


Select UMUX Template


Step 4: Enter the target URL and click CREATE.


Step 5: Customize your survey with EDIT, TARGETING, and DESIGN  options and click SAVE.


Step 6: Activate the survey from the toggle button.


Recommended Targeting Options


1. Where should this survey appear?:


  • Behind the login wall after a user has completed a specific task or has gone through a customer support experience.

  • Type in the URL (simple or advanced) where you expect the experience to conclude naturally.  


2. Who should be prompted to take this survey?: 


  • Select 100% of all visitors who meet the conditions specified below

  • “Came directly to your site (typed in your URL or bookmark)” + “Only returning visitors.” 


3. When should this survey be displayed?: 


  • After the returning users have logged in.


NOTE! Displaying a Nudge very quickly to first-time visitors or users can disrupt their first impression of the user experience.


  • If you have pages set up for the end of a particular path like thank you (for purchasing, downloading, subscribing) screens or success pages designated for a specific experience, you might also select “immediately after the page loads.”


4. How often should this survey be displayed?: 


  • Select “Continue showing until a visitor provides a response.”


How to Calculate the UMUX Score


In your UMUX Score, odd items are scored as [user score - 1], and even items are scored as [7 - user score].


Step 1: Add these differences and divide the sum by 24 (the highest possible score). 


Step 2: Multiply your quotient by 100.


Step 3: Average your results among users.


If you’re using a 5-point Likert scale, you will only have to make a few adjustments to the steps above. Even items should be scored as [5 - user score], and you’ll have to divide the sum by 16 instead of 24. 


For UMUX-Lite Scoring [7-point scale] 


The Items are scored by subtracting one from the user response: [user score - 1] 


Step 1: Add the two adjusted scores and divide the sum by 12 (the highest possible score). 


Step 2: Multiply your quotient by 100. 


Step 3: Average your results among users.  


If you’re using a 5-point Likert scale, you only have to make one change to the steps above: divide the sum by 8 instead of 12.


That is all about using the UMUX survey.



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