How to Randomize the Order of Answer Selections


Enhance the reliability of your data collection process by employing the powerful feature of randomizing answer selections. By eliminating response biases, this functionality ensures that each respondent encounters answer choices in a unique and unbiased order.


Through this approach, you can obtain more accurate and dependable data, free from any potential influences that may arise from the order in which answer options are presented.


You can use this feature with:


Benefits of randomizing answer selections:

  • Eliminate survey bias for better results.

  • Improves the reliability and accuracy of the survey.

  • Collect genuine responses from the respondents.


To Randomize the Order of Answer Selections


Step 1: In the survey editor, select the answer type for your question.


Selecting the answer type


Step 2: Tick the ‘Randomize answer order’ checkbox.


Checking the Randomize answer order box


Step 3: Select an anchor option for randomizing your answers. 


Choosing an anchor option


Here's how your answer options will appear to the respondents:


Preview of a randomized answer order


As you can see, the answer order on the left is different from the preview screen.


That is all about randomizing the order of answer options. If you encounter any issues or have any questions, feel free to our support team.



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