How to Target a Google Optimize Experiment Variation With Qualaroo


Optimize is a free A/B testing tool by Google that lets you test different variations of your web pages and optimize the website for conversions. You can deploy Qualaroo surveys on all the variations during these experiments to collect feedback from visitors.


Benefits of targeting a Google Optimize experiment variation with Qualaroo:


  • Get contextual insights from targeted visitors

  • Compare the test variations for user experience


Here's How to Target a Google Optimize Experiment Variation With Qualaroo


Step 1: Log in to Google Optimize.


Step 2: Select the Experiment.


Step 3: Open each variation in the Visual Editor.




Step 4: Within the Visual Editor, select the Body element.




Step 5: Click on “Edit Element” in the lower right.




Step 6: Click “Run Javascript.”




Step 7: Paste the following JavaScript in the code editor, and replace “Variant 1” with the name of the variation:


window._kiq = window._kiq || [];
window._kiq.push(['set', { OptimizeVariation: 'Variant 1' }]);




Step 8: Apply changes.


Repeat this process for each variation.


Step 9: Within the Qualaroo Targeting, enable “When passed custom property is matched” and paste the following:


OptimizeVariation = “Variant 1”


Change “Variant 1” to the variation to which you want to target the survey.


Target Variation

That is all about targeting a Google Optimize Experiment variation with Qualaroo.



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