How to Integrate Qualaroo Survey with ProProfs Survey Maker


Integrate Qualaroo with ProProfs Survey to automate your response collected from your Qualaroo survey to ProProfs Survey Maker.



Here's how the responses from a Qualaroo Survey are displayed in the ProProfs Survey report after the integration has been successfully configured:


Qualaroo survey reports in ProProfs Survey Maker


Once successfully configured, all responses collected in your Qualaroo Survey will seamlessly display within your ProProfs Survey report for the corresponding mapped survey. With this, you can access and analyze all your survey data in one consolidated report, streamlining your data management and analysis processes.

To Integrate Qualaroo with Survey Maker


Step 1: In the dashboard, navigate to the survey and open it in edit mode.


open survye in edit mode


Step 2:  Go to ⋮ More > Integrations.


Integration option


Step 3: Navigate to “ProProfs Survey Maker Integration.” Turn on the toggle and click “Manage.”


manage survey integration


Step 4: Enter the ProProfs Survey API key and click "Next."


Proprofs surey APi key


NOTE: For more information on obtaining the ProProfs Survey API key, click here.


Step 5: Select the survey from the ProProfs Survey Maker with which you wish to integrate.


survey list


Step 6: Mapping your Qualaroo survey questions with ProProfs Survey questions


  • Match your survey from Qualaroo to ProProfs Survey, and match the question type correctly.

  • Click "Finish" to save the changes.


Map qualaroo survey question with ProProfs survey questions


NOTE: When transferring your survey responses from Qualaroo to ProProfs Survey, it's important to match the question types correctly.


That's all about integrating the Qualaroo survey with ProProfs Survey Maker. If you encounter any issues or have any questions, feel free to contact our support team



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