How to Integrate Qualaroo With FullStory


FullStory captures every click, scroll, page transition, and more so you can travel back in time and view the exact moment your user encountered a bug, abandoned a cart, or exhibited behavior you would like to change.


Benefits of integrating Qualaroo with FullStory:

  • Qualaroo + FullStory paints a complete picture of your customers’ experience and adds more context to their feedback.

  • Capture every click, scroll, page transition, and view where a user encountered a bug.


Tracking user feedback and linking it to a specific site experience has never been easier.


Trying to increase the conversion rate on your checkout page? Our FullStory integration allows you to visually experience what your customer was doing when they left you feedback.

The first iteration of our FullStory Integration allows Qualaroo customers to associate FullStory sessions with Qualaroo responses. Data comes in as a Custom Property called “FullStory Session” with the URL to that session attached, allowing Qualaroo customers to replay what their website visitors did before responding to their Qualaroo survey.


To enable: 

  • Go to Site Settings on your Qualaroo Dashboard.

  • Navigate to Session Recording and click to allow session recordings in FullStory.

  • Save


Site Settings


Enable FullStory Integration


That is all about Qualaroo & FullStory integration.



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