Power BI Integration with Qualaroo


Microsoft Power BI enables you to visualize data with personalized formatting features, giving you insights into your data analytics, further empowering you to make better business decisions. This integration allows Qualaroo customers on 'Growth' and above plans to push survey feedback into Power BI for in-depth analysis.



  • Power BI Account

  • A Qualaroo Account with access to the Reporting API and valid API credentials (available on app.qualaroo.com/account)

  • Office 365


In this article, you'll learn:


1. Generating Web Data Connector URL

2. Integrating Qualaroo With Power BI


 1. Generating Web Data Connector URL


A Web Data Connector URL is unique to a Qualaroo customer account.


To generate yours, you require the API Key, API Secret, and the Survey ID. These are provisioned by the customer's account page (app.qualaroo.com/account).


Here's the standard format for all Qualaroo WDC URLs:


https://[API KEY]:[API SECRET]@api.qualaroo.com/api/v1/nudges/SURVEY_ID/responses.json?


For example, for the API Key 1234, API Secret eebc34567890rtey, and the Survey ID 2341, the corresponding WDC URL would be:





 2. Integrating Qualaroo With Power BI


Step 1: Logging into Power BI


  • Open the Power BI Desktop App
  • Log in to your account using your credentials.

Logging into Power BI account


Step 2: Importing Qualaroo data into Power BI


  • Go to 'Home' in the navigation bar
  • Select 'Get data' from the taskbar


Getting data from the right data source


Step 3: From the dropdown menu,

  • Select 'Web' as your data source

    Selecting Web as the data source


Step 4: In the pop-up window,

  • Click on the 'Basic' radio button.
  • Paste the Qualaroo API URL in the box. 
  • Click OK to continue.

Entering Qualaroo API URL


Step 5: To access web content


  • Select 'Basic' on the left-hand side menu and enter your API Credentials (available on app.qualaroo.com/account)
  • Enter the API KEY as your user name
  • Enter the API SECRET as the password
  • Hit the 'Connect' button.Entering Qualaroo API Credentials


Step 6: After hitting the connect button, the window will close, and in a few seconds, you will see the following:


Depending on the dataset size, this may take a while.

Establishing connection Window


Step 7: After the process completion, you can see the Qualaroo dataset in your workspace. You can modify the dataset accordingly.

Qualaroo Dataset showing up in workspace


That is all about integrating Qualaroo with Power BI. 



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