How to Integrate Qualaroo With Salesforce


Using Salesforce integration with Qualaroo, you can combine the best CRM & survey feedback management tools to streamline your marketing process.


Qualaroo Salesforce integration allows you to assign trigger events in one app to automate actions in the other app.


Benefits of integrating Qualaroo with Salesforce:


  • You can automatically push the lead and survey data into Salesforce when a respondent submits a Qualaroo survey

  • You can set the trigger to send automated surveys through Qualaroo when a record is created in Salesforce


With our Salesforce integration, you have two options:


  • You can push new leads into Salesforce through one of our lead generations
  • You can send a survey and NPS data to a custom object within a Salesforce account. 


This integration is available on-demand and requires support assistance to enable.


To enable this integration for your account, please send the following information to us via chat or email:


  1. Would you like to add leads or send survey and NPS data to a custom object?

  2. The name of the Salesforce custom object name

  3. The name of the custom object fields with whom you would like to map the Qualaroo data


Here is an Example:


Object Name: QualarooFeedback


Qualaroo response data point Salesforce field name
Identity Email
Referrer ReferringUrl
Browser version BrowserVersion

That is all about Qualaroo & Salesforce integration. 



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