How to Install JavaScript in BigCommerce


You can optimize the user experience on e-commerce sites hosted on BigCommerce by collecting valuable feedback through Qualaroo Nudges™. To add this functionality, you need to add the Qualaroo JavaScript to the BigCommerce site.


By installing Qualaroo JavaScript on BigCommerce sites, you can:


  • Create and deploy Qualaroo surveys to gauge customer sentiments.

  • Use the technical prowess of BigCommerce to revamp user experiences and increase conversions.


To add the Qualaroo JavaScript to BigCommerce sites:


Step 1: In your Qualaroo account, navigate to your domain on the dashboard and click “INSTALL CODE.” It will open a new page.


Click Install Code or Code Installed


Step 2: On the Install Qualaroo Tracking Code page, select the “Paste code in website source code or GTM” option.


Go to Paste code in website or GTM


Step 3: Copy the code to the clipboard using the "COPY TO CLIPBOARD" button


Copy the JavaScript


Step 4: Head to the BigCommerce account. Click on the “Design” tab on the top right corner.


Open your BIGCOMMERCE account


Step 5: In the Storefront menu, go to "Script Manager"  and click Create a Script.


Create a Script


Step 6: On the Create Script page, do the following:

1) Add the script name and provide a description (optional).

2) Select the placement, i.e., header or footer

3) Select the location on the website

4) Select the Script category

5) Select the Script type

6) Paste the JavaScript code in the Script contents box


Once done, click Save.


Add script details and paste the code


Save your changes - You're done!


And that's it! If you encounter any issues or have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out to our support team. 



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