How to Fix Flash-Related Issues to Ensure Proper Display of Qualaroo Surveys


Sometimes, you may encounter a situation where a Flash bug prevents HTML elements, such as the Qualaroo survey, from displaying correctly, especially if you have a Flash video on your website's sidebar. This article provides solutions to resolve this issue.


You can fix the Flash-Related Issues via:


1.  Adding the "wmode=opaque" Parameter

2.  Adjusting Survey Placement


Adding the "wmode=opaque" Parameter


If you have Flash content causing interference with your Qualaroo survey, you can try adding the "wmode=opaque" parameter to the <embed> tag within your Flash content. This parameter helps ensure that HTML elements display correctly over Flash. Follow these steps:


Step 1: Locate the HTML code that embeds your Flash content. It should look something like this:

<embed src="your-flash-file.swf" width="xxx" height="yyy"></embed>


Step 2: Modify the <embed> tag to include the "wmode" parameter with the value "opaque" as shown below:

<embed src="your-flash-file.swf" width="xxx" height="yyy" wmode="opaque"></embed>


Save the changes and refresh your web page to see if the Qualaroo survey now appears correctly.


Adjusting Survey Placement


Alternatively, if moving the Flash content isn't feasible, consider moving the Qualaroo survey to a different area of the screen. Here's how:


Step 1: Log in to your Qualaroo survey editor.


Step 2: Navigate to the "Design" section.


Step 3: Locate the option to adjust the survey's placement on the screen.



Nudge placement on your site


That's all about fixing Flash-Related Issues. If you encounter any issues or have any questions, feel free to contact our support team

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