How to Pause or Remove a Survey From Your Website


In Qualaroo, you can pause or remove a survey to make it inactive on the target URL. As a result, the visitors/users will no longer see the survey on your website.


By utilizing the pause and remove options, you can quickly make a survey inactive, ensuring that visitors and users will no longer encounter it on your website. This functionality provides you with complete control over the survey's presence, allowing you to tailor the survey experience as needed.


Benefits of pausing or removing a survey:

  • Take the survey off the website when you have reached the required responses.
  • Remove the current survey to add a new one.


To pause or remove a survey in Qualaroo


Step 1: On the Qualaroo dashboard, locate an active survey and click the toggle button, as shown in the screenshot, to pause it. We call it the Options button.


Using the Options Button to Pause a Survey


Step 2: Click the 'OK' button on the pop-up message that appears on the screen for confirmation.


Confirming the Action


Your survey(nudge) will get paused.


Paused Nudge Preview


Note: If you wish to activate the survey, simply click the Options button, and your survey will be live on your website.


That is all about pausing or removing a survey.



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