Link Survey API Documentation


This knowledge article will guide you on how to use the Link Survey API in Qualaroo.


Leveraging the link survey API, you can:

  • Pass custom properties to tailor survey experiences.
  • Conduct in-email surveys to reach users directly.
  • Utilize the identity API to generate high-quality responses.


Important: To use this feature, you must be familiar with basic software development and Web API.


In this article, you’ll learn about:


1. Link Survey URL

2. Passing custom properties to a Link Survey

3. Answering questions via links (in-email surveys)


 Link Survey URL


The Survey URL is where users go to fill out your survey. You can obtain it by going to your dashboard and looking under the survey name.


Example URL:


Passing an Identity to a Link Survey


You can utilize Qualaroo's Identity API feature to pass an identity via the “i” URL parameter. You will need to use your email system’s parameter to identify email addresses. 


Below is an example URL if you use MailChimp:*|EMAIL|*


 Passing Custom Properties to a Link Survey


Enhance your Link Survey by including custom properties using URL parameters. Any key=value pair included in the URL will be treated as a custom property.


NOTE: The key names “i” and “a” are reserved for other API features.



To pass the following custom properties:

  • plan_type = trial

  • ref_type = email


Generate the URL:


If you also want to pass an identity, just add the “i” parameter as follows:


 Answering Questions via Links (in-Email Surveys)


For surveys embedded within emails, each answer to the initial question can be linked. These links lead to the Link Survey, with a distinct answer parameter for tracking.


Tip: You can use our branching logic to determine the message or follow-up questions the user will see after clicking the answer in the email.


Requirements: The survey’s first question must either be a single answer selection (radio button) or an NPS score. The “Randomize option” must be off.


You can use the “a” parameter to link to a specific answer. 


The value is a number and corresponds to the order of the answers, starting with 0.

0 for the first answer, 1 for the next, etc.


For example, if you had the following answers to the question: “What is your favorite ice cream?”:

  • Vanilla

  • Chocolate


The URL for “Vanilla” would be:,


And the URL for “Chocolate” would be:


And that's it! If you encounter any issues or have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out to our support team



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