Adding your logo

We allow you to upload your own logo to your survey. This feature is available on our Startup, Growth, Turbo Growth and Enterprise plans plans.

To upload your own logo, click on the "Design" option for your survey. Select "Upload new logo" to add a file, or choose from the drop down if you've already uploaded logos to your account. 


Recommendations for your images

We don't provide any limits on file size for the custom logos, but we do have a few recommendations for creating these images that will result in them loading correctly:

  • We recommend using 72 DPI resolution, since this is a standard resolution that looks best on computer and tablet devices.
  • The images should be 283px by 40px - if they are larger than this, our system will automatically resize them, which may result in unwanted image compression.
  • They should have a transparent background, so that if you change the background color of the survey, the logo won't have an outline.
  • We also recommend saving your image in PNG or GIF format, as opposed to JPG, PSD or TIFF. PNG and GIF images automatically flatten out any layering data that may be associated with the image (resulting in smaller file size vs PSD or TIFF). They also have less noise in the image than JPG images, which means the image will render more clearly across browsers.
  • Please make sure there are no apostrophes in your file name. This will cause our system to not display the logo on the survey, although it will show up as "uploaded."

We allow you to have up to 50 logos associated with your account if you're on our Startup plan, and 200 logos if you're on our Growth plan or above. 

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