The Regular Expression Interface

At Qualaroo, we've made a special effort to make the regex interface as easy to use as possible. We split the URL into three parts: Subdomain, Top-Level Domain (TLD) and Path.

The Subdomain is everything between the http:// and This can be www, development, help, blog, hotels, or any other section of your website that comes before the actual domain. You will be able to use regular expressions here.

The Top-Level Domain (TLD) is the main part of your website -,,, Once you've entered the TLD in the appropriate regex field, Qualaroo's interface will remember it for the next survey you make. All you have to do is start typing, and it will fill in the rest.

The Path is everything that comes after the TLD, all the pages, folders, sections, images, search results - everything on your website. This is where you will probably be using most of your regular expressions, so you can target your surveys to specific sections, types of pages, certain keywords, and any other conditions you want.

Throughout this guide, we will go over the regex characters and their meanings, examples of when to use each character, and provide examples of how you should enter your regex in the interface. These examples will look like this:

To use this example, you would add the following to your regex fields:

Subdomain: (www)?


Path: pricing

Validate your Regular Expression

The colors we used in these examples were chosen to match the regex validator. This is an extra tool we created to let you validate your regex, and make sure that the regex you created matches the pages you want it to. The validator will tell you if a URL matches or not.

TIP: You should always try to test several URLs - some that match your pattern which you would like to target, and some that don't match, to make sure they aren't being included by mistake.

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