Targeting based on other surveys on your site

Once your survey is targeted to a domain, we give you the option to target your survey based on whether a site visitor has or has not interacted with another survey on your site.

Doing a positive match

If you want to make sure visitors only see the survey you're currently targeting if they've acted on another survey, this is called a positive match, or positive hierarchy. This can be perfect if you have one main survey and want to ask further questions based on that first survey, or if you have follow up questions to a survey you ran earlier. 

To set this up, click on "Other surveys on []:", then select "Has acted upon" from the drop down. Start typing the name of the survey you want to target based on, or choose it from the drop down. We include all active, paused, and archived surveys, and you can select multiple surveys if you want. 

Doing a negative match

This option is perfect if you have multiple active surveys on your site, or use an iteration method for your surveys. This means that the site visitor will only see the survey you're currently targeting if they have not interacted with the other surveys on your list. 

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