Creating a Matrix Survey

Matrix surveys allow you to ask your customers questions across multiple variables. You can ask your customers one simple question while substituting a key variable. That means increased efficiency. You can get and gather data 6x faster by setting up 1 survey instead of 6.

Let’s use customer support as an example. Maybe you want to know how your support team is performing across all platforms; the Matrix survey shown below will provide that insight and do so with more granularity.


To create a Matrix survey, simply follow the below steps.

To create a new survey, click on the green "Create New" button in the upper right-hand corner of your Qualaroo dashboard.


Edit your question screen.


From the “Answer type” dropdown menu, select “Matrix”


Add as many "Rows and Answers" as you’d like.


Direct your survey to the next question/message screen under “Continue to”




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