Message screen options

The Message screen is the end point of your survey.

Standard Message screen

If you are on our Launch plan, we only allow you enough text to write "Thank You" (this extends to other languages as well) and a success icon which you can either enable or disable.

Advanced Message screen

If you're on our Startup, Growth, Turbo Growth or Enterprise plans, we give you unlimited text on the message screen, as well as the ability to add a "Call To Action".

URL Call to Action 

This option allows you to customize the call to action button text, and add a link to any webpage.

Facebook Call to Action

This option allows you to add a Facebook Page to your message screen, and prompt your visitors to like it if they have not already done so.

Twitter Call to Action

If you use this option, your call to action button will allow your visitors to follow a Twitter user of your choice.


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