Using branching or skip logic within a survey

We give you the ability to offer different questions to visitors based on how they previously respond to questions in your survey. You can utilize branching logic for the Single answer selection (radio button) answer type. This is incredibly powerful in the sense that you can lead visitors to different questions based on the information they've already provided.

#1 This option allows you to add more question screens to your survey. We do not limit the amount of question screens you can have within a survey. We do, however, only allow you to have one message screen per survey on our Launch plan. Startup, Growth, Turbo Growth and Enterprise customers can have multiple message screens, so you can customize the message someone sees at the end of their survey.  

#2 The radio button above the screen allows you to select the starting screen for your survey. This is the first screen your visitors will see. 

#3 Once you have more question screens, you can use this drop down to select which screen to show to the visitor if they select that particular answer.  

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