Customizing the position or placement of the survey popup

If you're on our Launch plan, we give you two position options, the lower right or lower left hand side of your webpage. This can be useful to make sure it avoids other popups like a chat window, or making sure the survey doesn't cover a critical part of your site.

The survey will show up looking just like it does in the preview screen, indented slightly from the corner you have chosen.

If you're on our Startup, Growth, Turbo Growth and Enterprise plans, you'll notice that you have a few more positioning options to choose from.

You'll see three additional positioning options:

  • Bottom middle
  • Top right
  • Top left

While we always recommend the bottom right side as the best position option, we understand that customers need greater flexibility. 

If you need options beyond what our interface offers, customers on our Growth, Turbo Growth and Enterprise plans can use the Design API to position the unit anywhere on their site through the use of CSS.

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