Targeting by referring domain

One of our most interesting target by behavior options is the ability to target by referring domain.

This option allows you to show a survey based on where someone has or has not come from. Below are a few examples of how this feature can be used.

Target a specific referring traffic source

You can target visitors who come to your site from specific webpages including social media or advertising partners.

For most sites, the referring domain will be the same as the site - for example, you can target traffic from Facebook by using "is"

For others, there may be a slightly different referring domain. Twitter is a great example, and traffic from Twitter can be targeted by using "is"

Target landing pages

If you want to focus on landing pages of your site, you would set this option to "is not".

Target internal traffic

The opposite situation is when we only want to target visitors would came from internal pages and not outside traffic. If you would like to focus on this group, you would set this option to "is".

Target specific pages or paths

Unfortunately, we only allow you to target the top-level domain with this feature. 

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