Customizing your Question Descriptions and Message Screens with Markdown

Markdown is a simple language you can use to easily add formatting, links, and images to plain text. In Qualaroo, markdown is available in the following places:

Question screen descriptions
Message screens

Adding markdown to text

Text in your survey is centered by default. This table shows examples of how you can use markdown to add formatting to your surveys, including links and images.

Formatting Entered text Published text
Paragraph break or line break

Inserting a blank line

Horizontal rule

Bulleted lists

Numbered lists


Nested lists


Note: You can add up to six heading levels.

Block quotes

Inline code
Code blocks


Note: These examples demonstrate one way you can add certain formatting. There might also be additional ways you can achieve the same formatting. There are also many more formatting options you can add with markdown, some of which are not supported by Qualaroo. For more options and information, see the complete markdown syntax documentation.

Previewing markdown in your survey or nudge

When you use markdown within a screen of your survey or nudge, you can preview your formatting before saving your changes. Simply click out of the text area to force Qualaroo to refresh the preview.

Images note: Images can be in .jpg, .gif or .png format, and should be limited to 250 pixels wide. If you choose an image that is wider than this constraint, it will be automatically resized to fit, but may result in unwanted image compression.

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