Installing the JavaScript on Shopify

Many of our customers are using Shopify for their businesses - here's how to add the Qualaroo JavaScript easily to each page on your Shopify site:

1. Log into your Qualaroo account

2. Click "Install code" to the right of your domain name

3. Copy the code presented on the page

3. Log into the Administrator Dashboard for your Shopify site, and click on "Themes"

4. Click on the "Template Editor" button

5. Under the Layouts folder, locate and click on theme.liquid to open it up in the online code editor (Note: This may be called something different depending on your theme)

6. This will open up the theme.liquid template page. Scroll down till you find the <body> tag, and paste the Qualaroo JavaScript just beneath it.

7. Don't forget to save your changes!

Please note that the Qualaroo code will not be added to the first two pages of the checkout process, but it will be added to the success page after a checkout has been completed. Shopify has set up their system in this manner for security reasons, and it's not something Qualaroo is able to modify.

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