Exporting your responses to CSV

Subscribers of all our plans have the ability to export their response data to CSV. This function isn't available for those on trial. You can export your responses from 2 areas.

The first is from the "Overview" section within the "View Responses" section.

The second is from the "Options button" on the Dashboard next to every survey.

If you choose one of the first two options, your CSV will be emailed to you. The message will look like this, and contain a link that will download the CSV directly to your computer. The URL is specific to your email address, so you can't send the link to other people.

If the CSV gets too large, we’ll email it to you in a .gz archive. These applications (among others) will let you extract your report from the archive:

List of all CSV exports

You have access to all of the CSV files that have ever been requested from your account. The "View all CSVs" link can be found in the sidebar on your Dashboard next to the large grey icon next to "CSVs ready for download".

Using this option will download the CSV directly from our interface, with no email message.

CSV Contents

The CSV export of your data will contain all the same information in the Individual Responses, but in spreadsheet format. The columns are:

  • A unique, anonymous response ID
  • The date and time the survey was taken
  • The User Agent string, which displays the operating system and browser the visitor used to take the survey
  • The IP address of the visitor
  • The referring page (if there was one)
  • The page URL the visitor took the survey on
  • If applicable, additional information passed back using the API. See this section in our help center to learn more. 
  • The answer selected or filled in for each question, where each question is a column in the CSV.

Troubleshooting your CSV

Is your CSV file corrupted? Please see this article on how to make sure your data is imported to Excel correctly.

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