Targeting a 404 Page

There are times when you may want to target an error page on your website. The most common error for websites is a 404 error page. These pages can have varying urls and are not easily targeted. Here are some instructions on how to target these type of pages.
Targeting 404 pages is a bit tricky. Here are some instructions on how to do it:
  • If the web server redirects you to a specific error page, ie:
    • You should be able to target this page URL normally with /error

  • If the web server preserves the original URL, ie
    Since we can't detect 404's automatically and the URL is not unique we must use custom properties to target these pages.

    1. Find the HTML template for your 404 pages and add the following code immediately after your Qualaroo snippet:

      <script>_kiq.push(['set', { is_404: 1 }]);</script>

    2. Create a new survey for your 404 pages with simple URL targeting to*

    3. Under targeting choose Advanced then "When passed custom property is matched". Enter the following in the field below:



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