Creating a survey

To create a new survey, click on the green "Create New" button in the upper right hand corner, .


We offer you the ability to select a survey from one of our templates, or you can get creative and make your own.

Start by giving your survey a name so you can easily distinguish it from others on your dashboard. We do recommend taking an iteration approach to your surveys, which you can learn more about in our Best Practices section

Within the editor, you'll notice we automatically populate the first question screen and the message screen. Here you can ask questions and specify the possible responses.

We allow you to edit the initial question, give you the ability to add a description to further detail your question, make your question required (visitors cannot move to the next step without answering).

Additionally, we give you a variety of answer types, whether you want to give visitors the ability to leave a comment when they select an answer, and branching logic that will direct visitors to another step that you designate if that answer is selected.

With certain answer types, a "Send" button is required to get to the next screen. We've added the ability to change this text if you like.

You can add as many question screens and as many answers as you like. However, we only give you one message screen if you're on our Launch plan. Startup, Growth, Turbo Growth and Enterprise plans members may have multiple message screens. If you do employ branching logic, this is important to keep in mind since all visitors will end at the same location.

If you are on Launch plan and need the ability to have different end points to your survey, please contact our Sales team to learn more about our Startup, Growth, Turbo Growth and Enterprise plans

Click on the areas below to learn more about the options available within the editor:

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