How to Install JavaScript Using Adobe Dynamic Tag Manager


Adding JavaScript code in Adobe Dynamic Tag Manager provides customization options for your website's tracking, analytics, and functionality as per the specific needs. It leverages an enhanced user experience, gives you deeper insights, and optimizes your website based on custom tracking and functionalities.


Benefits of installing JavaScript in the Adobe Dynamic Tag Manager:


  • Deploy the Qualaroo Nudge™ without coding.

  • Reduce the nudge load time on your website.

  • Manage your nudges over multiple domains with a single tool.


To Install the Qualaroo JavaScript in the Adobe Dynamic Tag Manager:


Step 1: On your Qualaroo dashboard, navigate to your added website and click “INSTALL CODE.” 


Click Install Code to initiate the JavaScript installation process


Step 2: On the Install Qualaroo Tracking Code page, select the “Paste code in website source code or GTM” option.


Select Paste Code in Website Source Code or GTM




Copy the JavaScript Code


Step 4: Log in to your Adobe Dynamic Tag Manager account.


Step 5: Select “Add a tag” and click on “Go to Rules.”


Add a Tag


Step 7: Select "Page Load Rules" within the Rules tab and click "Create New Rule."


Create new page load rule


Step 8: Select Conditions and ensure the 'Trigger Rule' option is set to the bottom of the page.


Step 9:  Under Rule Conditions, 


  • Select Path for the Criteria. 

  • Next, select “Add Criteria” and set the path to include a regular expression (Enable Regex after choosing the empty field to the left of the Path dropdown). 

  • Set the regular expression to be (.*)


Set rule conditions


Step 10: Select the Javascript / Third Party Tags section, and select “Add New Script.”


Add new script


Step 11:  

  • Paste the Qualaroo Javascript snippet into the field (you may have to remove the script tags from the beginning and end of your Qualaroo Javascript snippet) 

  • Click on Save. 

  • Next, select "Save Rule."


Save Third Party Script


Step 12: Select the checkbox next to your Rule. Go to Actions > Activate Rules.


Qualaroo Javascript snippet using Adobe Dynamic Tag Manager is successfully added.

That is all about adding Qualaroo JavaScript using the Adobe Dynamic Tag Manager.



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