Targeting by behavior

Once you've selected the areas of your site that the survey could fire on with either the Simple URL or Advanced URL options, you'll want to think about the situation where someone could see the survey. One of the sections that allow you to get more nuanced is to target by behavior.

We allow you to target all or just a portion of visitors based on their behavior.

Came from anywhere on the web: Select this option if you have an additional parameter under Behavior, Technology, or Advanced that you'd like to target based on, but want to include all traffic regardless of their origin. 

Came directly to your site: This is a class of visitor that's the opposite of visitors who came to your site via search. These visitors generally know your brand well enough to come directly to your site. 

Came to your site and the referring domain is/is not: This option allows you to focus on where the visitor did or did not come from. It's a great tool to focus on pages with a high bounce rate.

Came to your site from a search engine: This options gives you the opportunity to focus on visitors who are most likely coming to your site for the first time. This group includes both paid and organic traffic from all search engines, or specific search engines. 

Only returning visitors: Qualaroo counts a visitor as "returning" if they come back to your site after a 12 hour period.

Only visitors who have visited "X" pages on your site: We consider it a best practice to delay surveys if they are broadly targeted to most or all visitors who come to your site. 

Other surveys on your site: If you have multiple surveys targeted to the same visitors, one method of ensuring the order they respond to the surveys is by creating a positive or negative survey hierarchy. 

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