Understanding lost conversions by asking the people who just bought

While you can easily create an exit survey targeted at people who don't plan to purchase from you, trial your product, etc, - another tactic to employ is ask the people who just completed a purchase what compelled them to do so. Often times you will see a higher response rate from this group of people because they're already engaged with your brand. 

This is a concept that our CEO, Sean Ellis, discusses in the  "Golden questions" that reveal exactly why your visitors aren't converting webinar. 

Survey Content

Possible questions to ask to help uncover this objective:

  • "What's the one thing that nearly stopped you buying from us?" 
  • "What was your biggest fear or concern about using us?"
  • "What was your biggest challenge, frustration or problem in finding our product/service online?"
  • "Was there anything about this checkout process that we should improve?"

Recommended answer type: Text based answer

For this objective we strongly recommend not giving visitors a list of options. Reason being is this method can and will work against you by effectively leading the customer. We want to uncover the answers that we don't already know, and the best way to do this is to give your visitors the opportunity to tell you what they think. 

If you need help understanding all the options available within the Survey Editor, please visit this portion of our Help Center

Recommended targeting options

These types of questions are targeted at the same group as identify appeals of your product. We recommend running one or the other - not both at the same time.

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These are just suggestions. We recommend experimenting to see what works best for you!

While the suggestions mentioned are a great place to start, we ask you to keep in mind that what may work well for some many not work for all. Constantly test and tweak your surveys to hone in on what works best for your circumstances. Click here to see how we recommend making changes to your surveys to get better results.

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