What is typically considered a good response rate?

Unfortunately the answer to this is complicated; it completely depends on how your survey is targeted, and how you have your first screen set up.

In general, we see that the first iteration of a survey has a lower response rate since we're typically still in an information collection phase. It's not uncommon for the first version to have a question with a free-form response field below it. A survey that's set up like this will typically get a response rate of >1%, however the quality of the responses you get it typically much greater than when you present people with options. Because of this, it's important to remember that in the beginning, it's less about quantity and more about quality

Now that we understand this point, let's look at some examples so you can at least have a baseline to shoot for when you're doing the second and third, etc., versions of your survey.

If you have a survey that is very broadly targeted - let's say to your entire website - a good response rate to shoot for if the first screen offers a single answer selection is 1%. If it's more focused - like a page abandonment survey, a good response rate to shoot for is 4%

However, if you have a page that appears after a conversion, such as a "Thank you for signing up for a trial", or a "Purchase confirmation" page, this is your best real estate for running a survey. Surveys on these pages typically see a response rate of 20% or higher. The thought process here is since these visitors are invested enough to either sign up or purchase from you, they're the most willing to give you their honest feedback. 

If your response rate is lower than you'd like, ask yourself the following:

  • Is my initial question clear?
  • Should I put a bigger delay on how quickly the survey shows up?
  • Would this question make more sense if it was only targeted to portions of my website, or a subset of my visitors?

If you determine that there are some things you could change, pause the current iteration, clone it, make your changes, and activate the new version of your survey. We recommend this path of making changes to keep your reporting separate so you have something to measure against. 

Feeling stuck? Reach out to our Customer Success team, and we'd be happy to look over your survey and give advice specific to your use-case. 

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