How can I get feedback from the visitors I’m most interested in?

While you certainly can pose a question to everyone who visits your website, there are cases where you will want to prompt a specific group of visitors if they're the most appropriate people to answer a specific question.

Qualaroo allows you to really focus in on visitors using the following tools:

Examples by question type

  • Uncover how your visitors found out about you: Target only those who came to your site via search.
  • Understanding Purpose of Visit / Intent: Delay the survey by several pages.
  • Uncover missing content: Only show the survey when someone scrolls half-way down the page, or after several minutes/pages on your site.
  • Net Promoter Score / Scale of Satisfaction: Focus on returning visitors or those who are logged in.
  • Uncover Issues: Focus on browser types with lower conversion rates.
  • Understand Reservations with using or purchasing product: Only fire a survey when it looks like the visitor is about to abandon the webpage.

This video gives you a comprehensive look at everything you can do with our targeting functionality. 

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