Using Qualaroo to Improve your Conversion Rate

How to Use Visitor Feedback to Improve Conversion Results

There are several strategies that can help you improve the overall conversion rate by helping to understand the visitor. That starts with understanding what the visitor wants and needs when visiting your site.

We recommend watching our "Golden Questions that reveal exactly why your visitors aren't converting" webinar. In this webinar we discuss the role Qualaroo can play in your CRO strategy, and talk about the recommended areas to start with.

Instead of thinking "What questions should I ask", think of it as "Which areas of the visitor experience are still in the dark to me?" then work out which questions are best for that area.

It starts with getting a clear idea of what a visitor thinks, believes, and experiences. We want to understand where they've been before, persuasive content they're drawn to, the objectionable content that makes them want to leave, what the appeals are for the visitor, how they perceive your positioning as relative to your competitors, what's the specific wording that appeals to them, etc.

This process defines how you determine your goal for using Qualaroo. Once you can determine your goal, you can start thinking about which question to ask and what areas to focus on.

Conversion Opportunities on E-Commerce sites

When you set up surveys, you will want to have a good idea of what to measure so you can define success. Here are some of the key opportunities and the key pages on which you'll want to run surveys on.

Keep in mind: It's better to err on the side of asking too few questions, rather than too many. We’ve noticed the longer the Qualaroo survey, the lower the completion rate. Ask one question, collect the feedback, then move on to asking another question. It needs to be an iterative process so you can zero in on the information that's the most useful. And the only thing worse that asking no questions at all, is to ask them and do nothing with the responses.

Qualaroo should be part of an ongoing conversion rate optimization strategy. Surveys aren't just something you should do then forget about. We recommend building different questions into a regular plan of gathering visitor intelligence. 

Survey ideas for CRO


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