Understanding the Dashboard

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When you first login to your Qualaroo account, you will land on your dashboard.

These are all of the components you'll have access to from your dashboard.

1. The "Create New" button allows you to access the survey template library and your options for creating a new survey, NPS survey, Announcement, Lead generation formMobile survey, or an Overlay. The options available within this area can vary based on your plan. 

2. This area indicates the top level domain name. The caret next to the domain name will allow you to collapse and expand all the surveys associated with the domain. 

3. The "Site settings" options allows you to enable the Google AnalyticsKISSmetrics, or Segment integrations, if those options are available on your current plan.

4. The "View/Install Code" area is where you can access the JavaScript associated with your domain. For instructions on how to add the JavaScript, please see this area of the Help Center

5. The "Your Surveys & Nudges" area lists all of your active and paused surveys. "Active" surveys are ones that are currently live on your website. "Paused" surveys are not presently active on your website, but you can still edit them and access the data they've collected.

6. The "Archived Surveys" area includes all surveys that you are no longer running on your website, and don't plan to review the responses or any other aspect of the survey. If you wish to export the data, or make changes to the survey, you'll need to move it to your dashboard as a paused survey. 

7. This is the "Options button". It allows you to enable (noted by the green dot), pause (grey pause button), export the CSV of responses, and archive the survey.

8. This is the name of the survey. You can change this name from the "Edit" area.

9. This information indicates how old the survey is, starting from the day it was created (not the day it was enabled on your site). How many views, or "impressions" your survey has, and how many responses your survey has collected. It's important to keep in mind that there is a 2 hour delay between when these events happen and when they appear on the dashboard. 

10. When your survey starts collecting responses, the "View Responses" button will appear on your dashboard. It allows you to review the collective and individual responses for your survey. For more information on reporting, please see this area of the help center.

11. These buttons give you easy access to all areas of the particular survey. The "Preview" option allows you to go through the experience of your survey without affecting the view count and responses within the reporting. The "Edit" button goes to the survey editor portion. The "Targeting" button goes to the section that allows you to dictate where and how the survey appears on your website. The "Design" button allows you to adjust the appearance of the survey - the options you have available are based on your plan type. The "Clone" button allows you to copy the content, targeting, and the design on your survey.

12. This area gives you an overview of the activity within your account. Something to note is the link "View all CSVs" will take you directly to a page that allows you to see and download all the response reports associated with your account. 

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