How to Add a New Site or Domain to Your Account


In Qualaroo, you can add multiple domains to your account depending on your subscription plan.


NOTE: Each additional domain would incur additional charges, so please check with your sales contact before adding more domains.


Benefits of adding new domains to your account:


  • Manage multiple sites from a single Qualaroo account.

  • Ideal for large enterprises running many websites.


How to Add New Domains


Step 1: On the dashboard, 

  • Click Create New in the top right corner and select the nudge type.

  • Enter the new domain in the Target URL field.

  • Click CREATE.

  • Customize your new Qualaroo Nudge in the editor and Save.


Add New Domain


Once your survey is saved, that new domain will be visible on your dashboard.


Domains on your Account


Domain-Specific JavaScript


Each domain has its own specific JavaScript snippet. This is important to remember - if you add the JavaScript for the wrong domain, your surveys will not show up.


Please check out this section to learn how to install the Javascript snippet on your website.


Streamlining the Dashboard


If you have multiple domains, you can collapse the ones you don't use to tidy up the dashboard.


Streamline Dashboard


That is all about adding domains to your Qualaroo account.



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