How to Set Your Timezone and Configure Other Account Options


Customize your preferred timezone and configure various account options in Qualaroo. This help article will walk you through the process to ensure accurate response timestamp and efficient survey management.


How do the following options help you?


  • Timezone: The selected timezone will translate to the time stamp shown within your response reporting

  • Survey activation options: Designate whether you want new surveys to start in the “Paused” or “Enabled” state.

  • Reporting REST API: This section allows you to access your API Key and generate your API Secret.


How to Set Your Timezone and Configure Other Account Options


Step 1: In the dashboard, click the user profile icon and select "Account Details" from the menu.


account details


Step 2: Under Account Details, select the time zone.


select time zone


Step 3: Under Advanced Preferences, tick the checkbox next to the “Activate surveys and Nudges after creating them” option and click Save.


Activate surveys and Nudges after creating them


Step 4: Under the Reporting API section, copy the existing key or click “Generate new secret.”


Reporting API


NOTE: To learn more about the REST API, click here.


That is all about setting the timezone, activation options, and reporting API.



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