Understanding the Targeting section

Once you have finished creating your survey, your next step it to target it. A large part of why we recommend placing the Qualaroo JavaScript across all pages on your site is due to the targeting options included with our product. This section allows you to precisely control who can see your survey when they access different areas of your website. 

This video will give you a complete walk-through of all our targeting options. 

The targeting section had four main areas.

Where should this survey appear: This area allows you to set what pages of your website can show the survey. You have two options, Simple URL or Advanced URL with is controlled with Regular Expressions. 

Who should be prompted to take this survey: This area allows you to focus on traits and behaviors of the people who come to the areas of your site indicated in the URL section. It is broken up into 3 areas, targeting by behavior, technology, and advanced options

When should this survey be displayed: This allows you to control the delay at the page level.

How often should this survey be displayed: This allows you to set the frequency of the survey.

Finally, you can set how you prefer your surveys are activated, as well as email notifications for the survey responses. 

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