How Can I Make Sure My Visitors Don’t See Too Many Surveys?


There are plenty of reasons why you may want to run multiple surveys on your site. Unfortunately, Qualaroo presently does not randomize the order of multiple surveys targeted at the same group. Because of this, the best strategy is to make sure each survey is targeted to a very specific type of visitor in order to avoid the same person seeing too many surveys when they come to your site.


In general, we do not recommend running more than one survey at a time that's targeted at the same visitor group. If your use case requires this, you have a couple of options:


1. Create a survey hierarchy: You can find this option under "Target: Behavior" within the "Targeting" section. It allows you to specify which survey the visitor has to interact with before they're shown the survey.


2. A/B test your surveys with our Optimizely integrationYou can run different Optimizely experiment variations of a survey to know which one performs better.


We review all of the targeting options within our help center. We also have this video that walks you through all of the targeting options.


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