How Can I Get Feedback From the Visitors I’m Most Interested In?


While you certainly can pose a question to everyone who visits your website, there are cases where you will want to prompt a specific group of visitors if they’re the most appropriate people to answer a particular question.


The feature would help you:

  • Collect quality responses that can help you improve your product/services
  • Boost your survey response rate


E-commerce businesses can specifically target their mobile users to get responses to an upcoming feature update to the mobile app and what their customers would expect from them.

Qualaroo allows you to focus on visitors using the following tools:



Examples by question type

  • Uncover how your visitors found out about you: Target only those who visit your site via search.
  • Understanding Purpose of Visit / Intent: Delay the survey by several pages.
  • Uncover missing content: Only show the survey when someone scrolls halfway down the page or after several minutes/pages on your site.
  • Net Promoter Score / Scale of Satisfaction: Focus on returning visitors or those who are logged in.
  • Uncover Issues: Focus on browser types with lower conversion rates.
  • Understand Reservations for using or purchasing products: Only fire a survey when it looks like the visitor is about to abandon the webpage.


You can even watch this quick video to understand our targeting functionality comprehensively.



That is all about getting feedback from only a specific group of visitors.



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