How Do I Use Qualaroo With My Single Page Application (SPA)?


Qualaroo is easy to use with a Single Page Application (SPA). You need to adjust the domain(s) settings that use(s) SPA or AngularJS.


Using Qualaroo with a single-page application can help you:


  • Gather valuable feedback regarding the user interface of your web application.

  • Get visitors to provide suggestions for running optimization.


Here's How to Do It:


Step 1: Go to your Qualaroo dashboard and find the domain that uses a SPA.


Step 2: Find the settings tab on the right side.


Go To Site Settings


Step 3: Once the settings tab is open, navigate to the “Advanced tab” and click the option “This site uses a SPA framework.”


Enable Site Uses SPA Framework


Step 4: Click “Save” and return to the dashboard.


When the SPA helper is enabled, Qualaroo will check whether the URL has changed in 100ms intervals.

That is all about using Qualaroo on a SPA. If you have questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to



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