How to Target a Google Ads Landing Page Using Regular Expressions


Target specific landing pages in your Google Ads campaigns using regular expressions (regex) within Qualaroo. Regular expressions allow you to precisely match and target custom URLs created in Google Analytics, enabling you to target your surveys to relevant site visitors.


Benefits of targeting Google Ads landing page using regex:


  • Match customers' preferences and intent against conversions on targeted landing pages
  • Enable wildcard and flexible matching using regex


Here's what a Google Ads click-through URL looks like:



NOTE: With these URLs, you can combine two regex patterns - escaping the question mark for the query string, and positive lookahead - to target ads with specific characteristics.


How to Target Ads With Specific Characteristics


To ensure that visitors from a CPC campaign encounter your survey, you must explicitly include the "utm_medium=cpc" parameter in the target URL, as highlighted below:


To use this URL, add the following characters in the regex field:



This configuration targets any URL within the domain with a query string containing "utm_medium=cpc." The ".*" between the question mark and "(?=utm_medium=cpc)" permits the presence of other terms or Ads parameters in the path at that point. Without it, the path would need to begin with "?utm_medium=cpc," which isn't consistent with the Ads URL format.


You can adjust the positive lookahead to be more or less restrictive, allowing you to target narrower or wider ranges of URLs. Furthermore, you can specify specific pages to display the survey.


That is all about targeting a Google Ads landing page using Regular Expression. If you encounter any issues or have any questions, feel free to contact our support team.



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