How to Use the Regular Expression Interface


In Qualaroo, you can use the Regular Expression( or REGEX) to target multiple URLs or IPs. The URL structure is subdivided into Subdomain, Top-Level Domain (TLD), and Path to make the regular expression interface easy to understand.


Using a regular expression, you can:


  • Validate the survey responses with user information such as email and IP addresses

  • Create specific search pattern as per your needs

  • Target visitors from specific URLs


Here's a preview of regex use in specific targeting:


Validated Regular Expression


How to Use the Regular Expression Interface


Step 1: Open a survey and switch to the TARGETING tab.


Switch to Targeting


Step 3: Under the WHERE section,

  • Select the radio button ahead of the" Use an advanced URL" option.

  • Enter the URL.


Enter the Advanced URL


  • Click SAVE.


Understanding the Regular Expression Interface


The interface consists of,


  1. Subdomain: The Subdomain is everything between http:// and It can be www, development, help, blog, hotels, or any other section of your website that comes before the actual domain. You will be able to use regular expressions here.

  2. Top-Level Domain (TLD): The Top-Level Domain (TLD) is the central part of your website -,,, Once you've entered the Top'Level-Domain in the appropriate regex field, Qualaroo's interface will remember it for the next survey you will create. Just start typing, and it will fill in the rest.

  3. Path: The Path is everything that comes after the top-level domain, all the pages, folders, sections, images, search results - everything on your website. It is where you will probably be using most of your regular expressions, so you can target your surveys to specific sections, types of pages, certain keywords, and any other conditions you want.


Throughout this guide, we will go over the regex characters and their meanings. We have also added examples of when to use each character and how to enter your regex in the interface.


To use this example, you would add the following to your regex fields:






Validating your Regular Expression


With Qualaroo's validator tool for regular expressions, you can validate whether your regex matches your targeted URLs.


To validate the regular expression, 

  • Click "Validate this regular expression (recommended)."


Validate the Regular Expression


  • Enter the targeted URL to check.


Upon successful validation, you will get a notification like this:


Validation Successful


Upon unsuccessful validation, you will get a notification like this:


Unsuccessful Validation

That is all about using the regular expression interface. 



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