General FAQs- Targeting


1. Does Qualaroo randomize the surveys I have targeted at the same URL?


If you have multiple surveys targeted to the same audience, range of URLs, or the same page, Qualaroo currently cannot randomize the order in which those surveys are displayed.


We do not recommend targeting multiple surveys at the same audience, as this can result in site visitors getting hit with too many surveys. It can also result in not obtaining valuable insights in a reasonable amount of time.


2. How can I target my survey to URLs containing complex paths and query strings?


In Qualaroo, you can target URLs with complex paths and query strings via Regular Expressions. Refer to the following resources in our help center for more information:



3. How Are "Targeted Visitors per Month" Counted?


What are the "visitors targeted per month"?

The number of targeted visitors is the number of unique visitors who saw at least one survey during that month. This is similar to impression counting in advertising.


Who is counted?

The number of visitors who saw at least one survey, regardless of whether they interacted with it.


Who is not counted?

Visitors visited a page where a survey was configured to run, but no survey was displayed during their visit.


What do we mean by "month"?

The counter resets at the beginning of your billing month, not the calendar month. For example, if you signed up for a plan on January 9, the counter of targeted visitors will reset on the 9th of every month. There is no carry-over from prior months, and the counter resets even if you did not max out the number of visitors you can target.

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