General FAQs- Nudge


1. What is a Qualaroo Nudge™?


A Qualaroo Nudge is an unobtrusive slide-in popup survey that lets you collect contextual feedback and other data from users at the right moment along their journey.


2. What is the definition of a Nudge view?


A Nudge view is the number of visitors who saw at least one survey, regardless of whether they interacted with it. A user answering multiple questions within one Nudge view is only considered one view.


3. Does Qualaroo slow down my page loading speed?


The Qualaroo JavaScript loads asynchronously, which means it doesn’t block or slow down any of the elements on your site from loading. The Nudge is a single file that we continuously optimize to ensure that it loads quickly and animates smoothly.


4. Can I customize the Nudge to fit my environment?


Qualaroo offers the ability to customize your Nudge to exactly fit your design needs. You can change the color and add a logo to any Qualaroo Nudge. For Desktop and Mobile Web, you can use the Design API to fully customize the look and feel of the Nudge, from the font type to the Nudge’s size. For Qualaroo within your native application, Qualaroo’s SDK is fully open-source, meaning you can make any changes you need to the look and feel.


5. Can Qualaroo show after a user clicks a button?


With Qualaroo Custom Properties, you can set your Nudge to fire based on on-site actions, including button clicks. For specifics, visit the help article - How to Trigger a Nudge When an Element is Clicked.


6. How can I share the data I collect with my team members and stakeholders?


Here are a few data-sharing options Qualaroo offers to keep your team up to date:



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