General FAQs- Pricing


1. How long is the trial period?


Qualaroo offers 14-day risk-free trials. During your trial, you will have access to all of the features available within our Essentials and Premium plans, except for our branding suppression.


2. Can I download my responses while I’m on the trial version?


The ability to download the CSV of your responses is an option that will become available once you upgrade to a paid plan. 


3. Can I suppress the Qualaroo branding while I'm on the trial version?


You'll notice that while you're on trial. We force the Qualaroo branding to show on your surveys. This option will become available once you upgrade to a paid plan.


4. Can I drag and drop screens within the survey editor to re-organize them?


Unfortunately, the survey editor does not support the drag-and-drop functionality to re-organize screens at this time. 


5. Can I add the Qualaroo JavaScript to the footer of my website?


You can, but it's not recommended. Placing the JavaScript at the bottom of the page means the browser has to load the rest of your page content before it even starts to load the Qualaroo script in the background. This can cause unwanted delays in getting your survey to display. We highly recommend you add the JavaScript just below the <body> tag.

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