General FAQs- NPS


1. Can I change the “Most Likely” and “Not Likely” labels under the NPS scale?


Yes, we allow you to change the NPS answer type and NPS survey labels. In the “Edit” Tab for your survey, click on the question screen with the NPS answer type.


From here, you can edit the labels for each end of the NPS scale.


Change "Most Likely" and "Least Likely" text


2. Can I branch different scores within my NPS survey to different question screens?


Yes, you can branch different scores towards different question screens within the NPS answer-type survey.


3. Do you have other scales, like Stars or a 1-5 scale, that I can use in place of the 0 - 10 scale in the NPS answer type?


Yes, we have a star rating, thumbs up/down, and emoji answer types in Qualaroo.



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