Which Browsers Does Qualaroo Support?


Qualaroo surveys run effectively on the following desktop and mobile browsers.


Supported Desktop Browsers

  • Google Chrome ver. 102

  • Microsoft Edge ver. CVE-2022-22021

  • Mozilla Firefox ver.101

  • Safari ver.15


Supported Mobile Browsers

  • Safari 14

  • Google Chrome 102


If your visitors are using a browser type that is older than the versions mentioned above, they will not see the Qualaroo surveys. This happens because older versions of browsers are not compatible with the latest web technology. Since some portions of the Qualaroo surveys don't work correctly or create errors in previous versions of browsers, so they have been blocked.


Qualaroo also supports modern mobile environments. You can contact our Sales team if you want to add something to your account.


While Qualaroo always strives to support the latest browsers at release, new versions may be unsupported for a short while.

If you're running one of the above browsers and your visitors aren't seeing the surveys, refer to this help article.

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