General FAQs- Message Screens & Buttons


1. Why does the "Send" button show up on certain question screens?


The "Send" button shows up when a visitor needs to do something other than select one option. That means the Send button will be present for Multiple Choice, Freeform Text Response, and when an answer option allows for a write-in.


The Send button appears for a Write-in Question


2. Can I change what the “Send” button text says?


Yes. You can do this at the bottom of the screen in the editor.

Edit the "Send" button text

This field also supports other languages, so if you have a survey that needs to be in French, Spanish, or any different language, you can change the Send button to anything you like.


3. Can I have multiple message screens?


Yes, you can add multiple message screens.


In the editor, go to Add Step >> Message Screen.


Add message screen


4. Can I use a "mailto" link in my Call To Action?


At this time, the only links we allow in the custom Call To Action buttons are HTTP links that direct to a new webpage.

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