What Is Typically Considered a Good Response Rate?


While the answer to this is complicated, we have prepared some general guidelines to help break it down. Response rate depends on a few variables, including who you're asking, how your survey is targeted, and how you have your first screen set up.


General Feedback

If you have a very broadly targeted survey - let's say to your entire website - a reasonable response rate to shoot for if the first screen offers a single answer selection is anywhere between 5-8%. Questions that are best paired with general feedback include: 

  • Are you able to find what you are looking for?
  • What brought you here today?
  • How would you rate your experience today?
  • How easy is it for you to accomplish your task?


Exit Intent

Nudges triggered when a user is about to abandon the page tend to have a lower response rate. It is due to the level of engagement when we are asking for feedback. 


Confirmation Nudges

However, if you have a page that appears after conversion, such as a "Thank you for signing up for a trial" or a "Purchase Confirmation" page, this is your best real estate for running a Qualaroo nudge. Nudges on these pages typically see a 20% or higher response rate. The thought process here is since these visitors are invested enough to either sign up or purchase from you, they're the most willing to give you their honest feedback. 


Improving your Response Rate

Asking behind a login wall

Keep in mind that the level of engagement is a significant factor, meaning that users behind a login wall tend to respond more often. Use the Identity API to target only known users or whitelist a specific set of users you want to reach.


Leverage Advanced Audience segmentation

Custom Property Targeting and the other advanced audience segmentation features will ensure you are asking relevant questions to the right users and can further increase your response rate.


If your response rate is lower than you'd like, ask yourself the following:

  • Is my initial question straightforward?
  • Should I put a more considerable delay on how quickly the survey shows up?
  • Would this question make more sense if it was only targeted at portions of my website or a subset of my visitors?


If you determine that there are some things you could change, pause the current iteration, clone it, make your changes, and activate the new version of your survey. We recommend this path of making changes to keep your reporting separate, so you have something to measure against.


We are here to help

Of course, you can always lean on your dedicated Customer Success Manager for best practice advice to ensure you get as much actionable feedback as possible.



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